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nice food thanks

Arjun, 08 Jan 2021

Great service

Akmal Khan, 07 Dec 2020


Alasdair, 26 Nov 2020

Love your new website, great investment. Really easy to navigate and order online. I like the touch at the end where it counts down to delivery. More of a professional outlook and feel other restaurants should follow by example.

Mariam, 24 Nov 2020

Excellent food! Best Indian restaurant ever!

Alasdair, 09 Nov 2020

Just eat Order number: 1056839597 Dear Star karahi, I ordered over £100 worth of food from star karahi Slough branch. I am very disappointed that we found a piece of wire in a mouthfull of chicken saag. It was the same colour as the saag which is very scary. We don't know if the wire changed colour in the food.. it wasn't spotted till someone ate it. Needless to say this is very unhygienic and utterly dangerous. What if some one had swallowed it.?? This was 24 pounds of food we had to dispose off immediately before eating. Then we were put off from the rest of it. A waste of over one hundred pounds. What has annoyed me is that when i called the Slough branch and explained what had happened the person did not even apologise and completely downplayed the incident like he thought there was nothing wrong. I was not put through to a manager either. We used to be regular customers at Slough branch star karahi for many years then stopped for a while.. It's been a couple of years since we last ate here so decided to order food in due to covid but what a disappointment. I am totally put off by the whole experience. What I really want to do is put this review on just eat and I would be justified but my mum said to think about the employees and their jobs. Well the employees should think about hygiene and the health of all the customers who bring custom their way and help pay their wages. Star karahi you need to sort this out. Its too dangerous for customers health. We trust you to look after us at least to cook and deliver food with hygiene and care.

Sahila Qureshi, 06 Nov 2020

Why did I not get my 15% discount for ordering online as advised. Please do not text offers if you don’t intend to honour them.

Ramji, 24 Oct 2020

Have been a loyal customer “eating‘ with you for a very long time. This was my first time for home delivery - I normally order directly in the restaurant Was very disappointed with tonight’s meals in comparison to previous meals -lots of watery sauces / not great flavours - Also Everything was stone cold when it arrived.

Andrew, 10 Oct 2020

Always happy with delicious food from Star Karahi . Will recommend to anyone

Emilia, 04 Oct 2020

Very friendly and professional service.

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma, 21 Feb 2019

Excellent food


Great food.


Online ordering is excellent. Food ready in time. And was delicious.